About Us

Cooking has always been my passion. Our family gatherings always center around the table, whether it is a family reunion, Sunday dinner or last minute get together. "Mimi's" house has always been a special place to eat, relax and unwind. Cooking for four kids, in-laws, grandkids, and the friends that seem to appear when a home-cooked meal is mentioned brings me a sense of joy and completeness. I want to bring that joy to you.

Our daughters saw a chocolate fountain before their weddings, and for them, that was all that mattered. I purchased our first fountain to use for them, and now have six of them. I started catering in the Nashville area after their weddings. Prior to their weddings, I was the kitchen supervisor at my church for five years, serving meals for up to 450 people every week. This, combined with my previous catering experience acquired during my husband's time in the military gives me a variety of ideas to utilize for your event. My experience in catering ranges from small personal parties to events with well over one thousand guests.

Our daughters were married 4 weeks apart in 2003. I know about stress! My goal with my catering is to relieve you of some of your stress. I strive to make your event as delicious and enjoyable as Sunday dinner at our house, and I'll take the same care to make sure it all goes as well as I did with my own children's weddings. Whether your event is corporate, personal, or wedding related, I want to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for your friends, family, or clients.

As I tell everyone I meet with, the first time we meet, we will be friends. After that, we'll be family.

Chocolate hugs from me to you!!!!